Brewski & Brewski: Domain brokers that promise to “blow your mind”

With the latest expansion of the domain industry into a large mega-mall of gTLDs and other exotic extensions, the sprouting of new technology companies literally happens overnight.

Domain brokerage is by far the most lucrative service, and we’re happy to announce the latest domain brokering powerhouse, Brewski & Brewski.

Brothers Bruce Brewski and Bobby Brewski are about to take the domain brokering world by storm, through an unconventional campaign of their domain brokerage services.

“We have never been politically correct, or fair to women, and some might call our campaign sexist or belonging in another era, but we don’t care, as long as clients are happy,” said Bruce Brewski, who regularly lights up in areas where smoking is prohibited.

“The bottom line is this: do you want your god damn domains to be sold, yes or no? Then stop bitching and let us do our god damn job!” exclaims Bruce Brewski, passing gas in front of us.

Indeed, these types of shenanigans have been more or less wiped out from the professional environment of any industry, since the years of the Ronald Reagan presidency.

Bobby Brewski, a staunch Democrat, shares his thoughts on that:

“Ronnie is the reason every god damn thing is still done wrong in America, from the Dairy Queen dropping the peanut buster parfait, to Putin’s rise as a second Hitler. But anyway, domains are valuable and we will show you some ways to sell even the stinkiest piece of shit for thousands of dollars!”

A sample of the the new campaign about domain brokering can be seen below.

The Brewski & Brewski domain broker firm operates from, reaffirming that the future is in gTLDs, and advertising that breaks the politically correct mold.


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