Caution: Don’t register any domains tonight!

Domain investors actively registering new domains might consider taking a break after midnight tonight; particularly at 2:00am Sunday morning, local time.

With Daylight Saving Time going in effect early Sunday morning, domain investors often lose an hour of sleep; such deprivation can then lead to making bad decisions, such as registering trademark domains or buying crap domains at the BIN.

“We see this happen all the time, people attempting to register domains right as the clocks change, and feeling short-changed,” said Marty Johnson of GoDaddy.

“Then we get those nasty calls about how their domain or hosting were short-changed by an hour. Folks, just wait until the next day!” exclaimed Johnson.

Clocks change twice a year, in an apparent attempt to save energy; then again, the assumption that 95% of all Americans are engaged in farming can’t surely be true.

Springing forward, our advice is to catch an hour or two napping before engaging in any domain registrations past midnight.

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