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I hate DST : Daylight Saving Time affects #domain investing

Daylight Saving Time (DST) sprang us forward last night, moving the clocks from 2:00am to 3:00am in the US. Losing an hour of sleep is not the biggest problem, as is the fact that the US does so two weeks ahead of most other countries, including Europe. Summer time arrives when it’s not exactly spring, […]

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Caution: Don’t register any domains tonight!

Domain investors actively registering new domains might consider taking a break after midnight tonight; particularly at 2:00am Sunday morning, local time. With Daylight Saving Time going in effect early Sunday morning, domain investors often lose an hour of sleep; such deprivation can then lead to making bad decisions, such as registering trademark domains or buying […]

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Domainers Spring Forward!

It’s time for the the alleged “savings” of daylight, and most domainers in the US woke up groggy-headed this morning, after their clocks were set one hour forward, automagically. The wall clocks, that is – because the domainers’ biological clocks are still in winter mode. “It’s something that trains me for the upcoming days of […]

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