Domainers Spring Forward!

It’s time for the the alleged “savings” of daylight, and most domainers in the US woke up groggy-headed this morning, after their clocks were set one hour forward, automagically.

The wall clocks, that is – because the domainers’ biological clocks are still in winter mode.

“It’s something that trains me for the upcoming days of fatherhood”, said Elliot Silver, as he rolled out of bed sleepy-eyed. “In a few weeks not too long from now, I will be getting as much sleep as a late-night sniper on eBay without specialized software.”

Chef Patrick, who coaches a junior basketball team on top of his duties as CEO of, shrugged it all off:

“It is what it is. I’m 30 lbs leaner and I discovered that the early domainer bird eats the worm. As a buff domainer I don’t mind daylight savings, my biggest stress is when parents complain I didn’t choose their kids for the basketball team.”

Meanwhile, domain developer Tia Wood chirped:

“Mornings are the best part of our lives. We miss out on life and the beauty of the surroundings, stuck in front of our computers and gizmos. I love to daydream while working and daylight saving time gives me just that.”

Rick Schwartz made no comment about DST, but Howard Neu explained:

“In the US, we move our clocks forward two weeks earlier than the rest of the world, to strategically get closer to domain drop-times. ICANN knows that and we get an advantage that is called Domain Termination Time Initiative.”

Bruce Marler, who recently moved back from Barcelona, Spain, explained how his life gets affected by DST:

“I ate a lot of paella while in Barcelona, my excuse was the convention but with DST I plan to lose the pounds I put on and focus on lean cuisine and leaner domain registrations!”

Lastly, Frank Schilling gave us this cryptic one-liner about time change:

“I don’t sleep.”

Apparently, the popular domain investor from the Caymans is awake 24/7 registering domain names; that’s the key to success.


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