ChaoMi : Is the “fried rice” reporting site accurate on Chinese domain sales?

Made in China - the triple x version.

Made in China: ChaoMi.

If you’re interested in daily tracking of the Chinese domain market sales, you probably need ChaoMi.

The online domain tool tracks daily stats in a variety of domain genres, popular with the Chinese domain investors.

ChaoMi includes the following domain categories it reports on:

  • Three and four letter .com, .net, .org and .CC domains
  • Three and four letter .CN and .com.CN domains
  • Four and five digit .com, and four digit .net domains
  • Many more combinations

ChaoMi means both “fried rice” and “domain speculation” in Chinese; but how accurate are these domain sales reports?

As far as we know,, aggregates data from Ename and 22.CN marketplaces, so it’s a sizable representation of the Chinese domain market, but not complete.

The corporate domain market in China operates without the need for much publicity; after all, corporations acquiring valuable domain assets don’t seek the same type of attention domain investors in China do. 😉

Still, a lot of data is better than no data, and the two Chinese domain name marketplaces providing it generate a large portion of the publicly disclosed volume of domain sales.

It’d be interesting to see how ChaoMi will expand in the future, adding an English version of its presentation is a must!

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