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Chef Patrick rediscovers his Irish roots with new Domain Project

Popular domainer and sci-fi aficionado, Chef Patrick, is known for his thought-provoking projects.

From investing via the Domain Subway, to video blogging on the couch with sexy ladies, to cruising the Caribbean with DNCruise, Chef Patrick’s a busy bee!

Chef is also Irish, and today – on St. Patrick’s Day – he launched yet another domainer project.

“I call it the Domain Leprechaun – it’s a domain evaluation and monetization engine that possesses a lot of artificial intelligence code, initially designed for the ScienceFiction.com project,” says Chef Patrick.

“It’s definitely better than Appraiso that my friend Morgan Linton put together, simply because we Irish know how to do things better!” he adds with a smile.

The new Domain Leprechaun valuation engine calculates the amount of beer and other alcoholic beverages a domainer has had prior to registering a domain name; then adds a couple of other parameters, such as time of the day, humidity and the wind gust and provides an accuratemore or less – evaluation figure for the domain name.

Chef Patrick's Irish roots are obvious in new domain project.

With regards to the monetization, the new coinage that Chef Patrick has implemented is called The Domain Shamrock; it’s a coin for domainers that can only bring good luck to those that use it.

“Initially I thought of calling the coin The Celtic Cross but it sounded a bit too serious,” says the Chefster. “Another option was The Claddagh, but not even I can pronounce that right!” he adds.

The Domain Leprechaun valuation engine will be competing neck to neck against both Appraiso and Estibot – but no-one can beat the Irish in a fight!

Good job, Chef Patrick! 😀


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One Response to “Chef Patrick rediscovers his Irish roots with new Domain Project”
  1. Mike says:

    Domain Leprechaun really helped me to pinpoint just what the hell I was thinking when I registered most of my domains. I can now point to direct factors that led to my name valuation of double negative reg fee. Thanks Chef Patrick!

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