Chef Patrick rolls out real cuisine via a .US #domain name

Chef Patrick pulled out of the domain industry market a few years ago, after successfully launching several projects that included DNCruise.

Patrick Ruddell moved onto real estate and found his niche with the Mini Doughnut Factory in Tampa. Unfortunately, the brand’s excellent trajectory ended with less bang for the money and the domain is now up for sale.

Patrick still owns the domain but it does not resolve.

The fun news: Another “Chef Patrick” showed up, promoting his chef skills via the domain name ChefPatrick.US.

Established in 2016 in Illinois, it’s the brainchild of chef Patrick Olivero who used the domain initially. The Illinois native made a great choice by moving to a .US domain name.

One thing is certain: you can never have too many chefs in the kitchen! 😀

Chef Patrick from Illinois

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