: Favorite food to many, on the plate of #DigiMedia

One of the biggest sources of protein is chicken, and it’s considered a healthy meat compared to red meats such as beef.

Although not as lean as turkey or fish, chicken is a delicacy for many – and some partake in it on a daily basis.

Matching .com domain name,, is currently owned by DigiMedia and its extensive domain portfolio. Registered in 1997, presumably after a drop, has been parked for most of its life.

DigiMedia has owned since at least 1998, as the oldest archived page shows. It is NOT owned by a small restaurant in Cardiff, that advertises it on its business.

How much is worth? – owned by DigiMedia –

Large poultry producers such as Tyson, would love to own this generic. Other players in the poultry meat market include Pilgrim’s Pride, Sanderson Farms, Perdue Foods, and Koch Foods.

Chicken is a 1.17 billion results keyword in Google, and that means that is a mighty search term. Estibot appraises at $787,000 dollars.

We believe otherwise; the multi-billion dollar industry built on chicken dictates a higher valuation, perhaps as much as $5 million or more. isn’t being actively brokered, as far as we know. Maybe it’s awaiting a solid domain broker to cross the road! 😀

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  1. Data Glasses says:

    Chicken Parma and a Beer = Aussies favorite pub meal …. true story!

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