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#Chinese buyer grabs Soft.org #domain name via #DropCatch

A Chinese domain buyer was the winner of the second auction for the domain Soft.org at DropCatch.

After the first auction wasn’t paid, Soft.org was re-auctioned.

This time around, the winner placed a $4,551 dollar bid, according to Namebio, that still lists the first auction as a “historical sale.”

In our opinion, that first auction sale should be removed from the Namebio list of completed sales.

It’s great seeing that the second auction winner of Soft.org paid promptly, and that the domain’s WHOIS has already been updated.

Soft.org sold at DropCatch – for the second time.


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2 Responses to “#Chinese buyer grabs Soft.org #domain name via #DropCatch”
  1. Michael says:

    We removed the original Soft.org auction, along with seven other re-auctions from the past few months at DropCatch. We were only cleaning up DropCatch re-auctions every few months because they tend to do them in batches anyway and the rate of failure is really low, so it didn’t seem worth making it a daily routine.

    Plus I actually kind of liked leaving the original auction for a little bit, because it creates some accountability for the venue. It makes it easier for people to see when there was a re-auction. Anyway most people are smart enough to figure out that if there were two expired auctions for the same domain in less than a year than the first auction must not have been paid for. Getting rid of it quickly kind of felt like hiding evidence.

    But if our friends are going to call us out on it in less than 24 hours I guess it is worth making it a daily process. This is implemented now, so right after the re-auction gets imported it will immediately wipe the original auction. Now when you’re reading the daily sales list and think “hmm, I’ve seen that auction before recently” and you go check for the original auction you won’t find it and think you’re losing it…

  2. DomainGang says:

    Thanks Michael 😀 It’s good to read your side of the story, and I agree on accountability by the venues.

    It doesn’t help that the DropCatch auction widget is right there atop Domaining.com, makes active auctions visible. I’m sure other market places suffer from a similar number of non-paying bidders.

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