Hard bidding for Soft dot .org #domain at #DropCatch auction

The auction for the dropped domain Soft.org led to a particularly hard bidding battle at DropCatch.com, involving several bidders.

As many as 34 bidders acknowledged the dropped domain’s quality, that was originally registered in 2000 but was let expire by its Korean registrant.

In the end, the winning bid of $6,051 dollars was made by DropCatch user “deeram” who prevailed during several nail-biting extensions of the auction.

Definitely a great single word .org domain, that has many applications, and at a bargain price.

Soft.org sold at DropCatch.

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2 Responses to “Hard bidding for Soft dot .org #domain at #DropCatch auction”
  1. Ralph says:

    $6K for a reseller price on a 4 letter .org, which is a killer word, I don’t think this is a bargain, still a lot of money, $7.5K is needed if an exchange is used just to break even.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Ralph – You’re assuming the winner wants to flip it. Even domain investors develop at some point – assuming he’s one.

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