Chinese domain market report : True love in China

Unmarried women over 27 in China, are "leftovers."

Unmarried women over 27 in China, are “leftovers.”

China‘s female to male ratio is 1.12 males for every female; that means there are approximately 30 million more men than women.

The Chinese society already perceives women who remain unmarried by the age of 27 as “leftovers.”

This doesn’t mean true love is hard to find in China.

In a heart-warming wedding ceremony that was attended by only 10 guests due to recent bad weather, the Chinese bride spoke of it beautifully:

“Even though we have no guests, no limousine, no fireworks and no music, none of that matters; as long as I have you, I’m happy.”

Awwww! So sweet! 😀

Meanwhile, the world of domain names continues to maintain its momentum, despite the summer doldrums. The recent domain conference in China surely helps keep China’s domain investors interested.

We keep track of short domains, between 2 to 4 characters in length, that changed hands in China. The TLDs we cover are .CN, .COM and .NET.

Here is today’s list of domain names:

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