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Chinese Domain Market update: DJ, ZTN, YM and more short domains

chinese-domain-marketThe Chinese domain market has been consistent in recent months; dozens of short, memorable .CN or .COM domains – letter or numerics – are being sold to domain investors in China.

At the same time, Chinese domainers are flipping such domain names among their peers, and we keep track of such changes.

Here’s the update of select domains, since our last update on April 11th.

DJ.cn – Acquired by Qianzheng.com

SBQ.com – Acquired by ‘MillerMaster’ and not for sale.

UUY.com – Available for sale.

YFX.com – Listed for sale.

ZTN.com – For sale.

2901.com – Acquired by 62.com.

4637.com – Acquired by 62.com.

6176.com – Acquired by 62.com.

704.com – Available for sale.

8868.com – Available for sale.

FFX.com – – Available for sale.

GLQ.com – Acquired by 62.com.

JQP.com – Acquired by 62.com.

KJQ.com – Acquired by 62.com.

TXK.com – Acquired by 62.com.

ZJN.com – Acquired by 62.com.

ZPQ.com – Acquired by 62.com.

2271.com – Available for sale.

271.com – Acquired by 62.com.

73.com – Available for sale.

CQZ.com – Acquired by ‘MillerMaster’ and not for sale.

R5.cn – Available for sale.

UZJ.com – Acquired by ‘MillerMaster’ and not for sale.

YFR.com – Acquired by ‘MillerMaster’ and not for sale.

YM.com – Available for sale.

TQQ.com – Available for sale.

XSQ.com – Acquired by ‘MillerMaster’ and not for sale.

TZZ.com – Sold.

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