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Chinese economy to blame: 25.com did not sell


I foo yu! No bai do-mein!

In the US, people keep on talking about the bad economy but China – the world’s emerging market and creator of technology – is much worse; the yuan is artificially devalued.

It appears that the prospective Chinese buyer of the domain name 25.com, wasn’t backed with cash, after all.

The $1.5 million offer made on Cax.com was canceled early this morning.

According to Francois who operates Cax.com

“Sales has been cancelled this morning… apparently the bidder associate/partner/friend hold the money.”

Which brings us to another topic: when being told by a bidder that their “partner” or “associate” will be financing the deal, ask them to come back later when they actually have the cash in the bank, instead of wasting everyone’s time!

Better luck next time, T.J.

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4 Responses to “Chinese economy to blame: 25.com did not sell”
  1. Francois says:

    Paris with caviar and champagne has been postponed….
    Darling, finally don’t cancel the vacations with your parents this Chrismas!

  2. BullS says:


    instead of cash, ask them to pay with RICE and egg food young as long as you live.

  3. picas says:

    I thinnk all trades from China now are scams …Chinese economy starts turndown and their gov spending a lot for army and weapon …while the poor increase everyday

  4. picas says:

    I tried to make a bet with DG yesterday that sale of 25 could not happen but his spam filter did not let me send my message

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