Chinese email inquiry deemed suspicious due to perfect grammar

Reports of a well-written email from China, inquiring about domains that you might own, are making the rounds.

The suspicious email raised many an eyebrow among domain investors that are looking to flip their large portfolios of four letter .com domains, which are otherwise gathering moss.

“When I received that email from a address, I was very concerned over its grammar,” said Shawn Tiller, domain investor from urban Milwaukee.

“Every single email I received in the past from Chinese domain spammers, has atrocious grammar and makes very little sense. This one looks very different, I can actually understand what they say. I’m worried it might be from a large corporation, trying to get my domains cheaply!” added Tiller.

Domain investors receiving this perfectly-worded email should scrutinize the email headers for clues about its origin.

It is very possible, that in order for a Chinese domain buyer to put so much effort in an email, it has to be from a large company such as Alibaba.

If you have not received that email from China yet, there is nothing to worry about; most likely your domain portfolio sucks.

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  1. Rod.Tv says:

    The thief of has a QQ email address …… be suspicious indeed

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