Colombia wins war against Montenegro

Don Juan Ramon Esposito de la Cruz - sacked Montenegro in 1594

It’s a little known fact that in 1594, a Spanish nobleman – Don Juan Ramon Esposito de la Cruz – was used as a mercenary by the Ottoman Empire to suppress an uprising of knights in Montenegro.

The bloodbath that ensued left Montenegro with its main castle and walls destroyed; the city was consumed by flames. Don Juan Ramon Esposito de la Cruz received 250,000 gold coins by Abdul Hammit the Merciful, sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

With that money, Don Juan bought two ships and sailed to the New World, finally establishing his crew in what is modern Colombia. Never to visit his beloved Spain again, Don Juan died in 1608 from a rattlesnake bite and his body was thrown into the sea.

To this day, Colombia and Montenegro have been at war, as they never signed a truce – in all actuality, it seems that the war has been won by Colombia.

The latest stats from domain registrations show that there are now 430,000 .co domains registered, all while Montenegro and its .me TLD claim 416,000 registrations at the beginning of August. Assuming that the same growth rate of 7,000 monthly registrations is maintained for Montenegro, the September figures would show about 423,000 .me registrations.

By then, Colombia’s .co TLD would have surpassed 450,000 for sure.

Thus, it’s been settled; the war was won by Colombia and Montenegro must admit its defeat. However, the two countries are planning a joint front in the war against the dictatorship of .com – this time, without the contribution of Don Juan Ramon Esposito de la Cruz.

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