Converted domainer: I think it’s the end of the .com as we know it

Charlie Jackson is your average Joe domainer; the Colorado father of two operates a local medical hemp farm, while delving in domains in his spare time.

“When I started domaining so many years ago in 2007, the dot com was king and nothing else mattered,” says Jackson.

“Recently, after seeing how much traction these gTLDs are gaining, I’m about to have an epiphany. If Rick Schwartz registered 500 gTLDs then it can’t be all that bad!” exclaims Jackson.

Justifying his 180-degree turn as far as dot com and gTLD domain names are concerned, Charlie Jackson cites the domain industry’s bickering over dot com supremacy as the reason he became a skeptic.

“In 2007 nobody would have thought that weed, ganja, hemp, marijuana, pot and cannabis would be keywords to use in domains or in business legally,” says Jackson, adding: “Five years from now, maybe sooner, the dot com might not be the king, it might all end up in a big fireball in the sky, man. Who am I to judge those that can see what I cannot see? So I’ll give it a chance, fair and square.”

Jackson’s thought process is shared by many other domain investors, who are not convinced by the constant negativity that gTLDs are presented with; he plans to expand his gTLD investments as his medical marijuana business grows stronger.

It is the progressive thing to do.

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2 Responses to “Converted domainer: I think it’s the end of the .com as we know it”
  1. jon says:

    no offense, but I think this guy has been smoking too much of his own product.
    99% of the new gtld’s are complete bullsh*t! And just because Rick registered
    a few — I dont think it means REALLY his opinion has changed entirely on the subject.
    No self respecting domainer (who doesnt already own a domain registry of his own)
    is really buying into this new gtld hype. I think maybe Rick was just testing the
    waters and I dont see him buying a few domains as really an endorsement.

    There is definatively no money in the new gtld’s other than maybe .email unless
    you are a registrar. This just of course is my opinion. The problem with the
    domain business currently is ALOT of people have been taking a serious bath
    recently, and now these same folks have resorted to selling horse sh*t to folks
    in an attempt to recoup their losses by hyping new alternatives to .com.

    .XYZ is a great example. — If .info and .biz didnt make it how can anyone reasonably
    believe any of the new extentions are gonna do any better? Really c’mon guys.

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