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#ICANN approves #marijuana-friendly new gTLD dot .pot

ICANN has approved the marijuana-friendly top level domain, dot .Pot. Aimed at potheads, weed smokers and ganja aficionados, dot .Pot is rolling out in early 2019. Denver based registry, High Five Domains, announced the news: “We’re excited to have received confirmation from ICANN that dot .Pot has been approved. This is fantastic news for millions […]

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Converted domainer: I think it’s the end of the .com as we know it

Charlie Jackson is your average Joe domainer; the Colorado father of two operates a local medical hemp farm, while delving in domains in his spare time. “When I started domaining so many years ago in 2007, the dot com was king and nothing else mattered,” says Jackson. “Recently, after seeing how much traction these gTLDs […]

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High bid smokes competition on ‘cannabis domain’ sold at Sedo

Colorado domainers are rolling their own ganja, legally, and the market for cannabis-related domain names is more primed than ever. While we aren’t sure of the legalities of selling a cannabis domain across state lines, a California-based domainer has managed just that at Sedo. CannabisCollective.com went to the high bidder – literally – who smoked […]

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