#ICANN approves #marijuana-friendly new gTLD dot .pot

ICANN has approved the marijuana-friendly top level domain, dot .Pot.

Aimed at potheads, weed smokers and ganja aficionados, dot .Pot is rolling out in early 2019.

Denver based registry, High Five Domains, announced the news:

“We’re excited to have received confirmation from ICANN that dot .Pot has been approved. This is fantastic news for millions of fans in the US, that anticipated the launch of dot .Pot domains for several months now,” said High Five Domains CEO, Cheech Marin.

Pot-related domains are all the rage, with Kush.com selling for $500,000 dollars on Sedo. A dedicated gTLD for pot is a step towards a more open, more mellow Internet.

“The legalization of recreational use of pot in many US states paved the road for many industries, and we’re happy to be pioneers in tapping into such a great resource,” said the High Five Domains CEO, adding: “We’re preparing a marketing campaign that will blow your mind, man!”

If you’re a marijuana fan, dot .Pot domains will be priced at just $4.20 each, so get ready to register as many as you want, sometime in spring of next year. Just make sure you have enough snacks handy.

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2 Responses to “#ICANN approves #marijuana-friendly new gTLD dot .pot”
  1. Data Glasses says:

    Hey man, what happens in College stays in College.

  2. Steve lee says:

    Thank you for contacting the ICANN Global Support Center.

    I understand you would like to know when will .pot be available.

    At this time, .pot is not a proposed top-level domain/domain extension.

    If you are interested in applying for a new gTLD, the application window for the current round of new gTLDs closed in 2012. We are still processing applications from this round and timing for the second round has not yet been determined.

    Please be advised that applying for a new gTLD is not the same as buying a domain name. An applicant for a new gTLD is, in fact, applying to create and operate a registry business supporting the Internet’s domain name system. This involves a number of significant responsibilities, as the operator of a new gTLD is running a piece of visible Internet infrastructure.

    You may refer to the Applicant Guidebook (http://newgtlds.icann.org/en/applicants/agb) for the 2012 round for detailed information on the application process, including the operational, technical and financial requirements to operate a gTLD.

    Additionally, you can stay informed of the latest program news–including announcements of future application rounds–by subscribing…

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