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Cult.TV : Rick grabs another valuable #domain name at #DropCatch

Rick Schwartz swears by .com but loves .tv domain names as well. After all, the Domain King owns Rick.TV, a potential video blogging platform for the future.

The domain Cult.TV is the latest acquisition of a domain name via auction by Rick, who spent a cool $5,605 dollars on it at DropCatch this week.

Cult.TV was originally registered in 2002, but something went terribly wrong with its renewal process.

Cult.TV was operated by the British media group Ministry of Cineology, “celebrating extraordinary fictional TV and movies, including the Cult TV Awards per their Twitter account.


Why Cult.TV dropped is anyone’s guess. Cineology ended its activity on social media at the end of 2019. Most likely, Cult.TV has plenty of traffic.

The domain dropped and was auctioned off at DropCatch, falling in the Domain King’s lap.

Rick is active on DropCatch; another recent acquisition is Watchers.net.

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