#Domainer Poll : Should Rick Schwartz buy the matching .com to the .TV ?

On Saturday we broke the news about Rick Schwartz moving his video streams to the domain Rick.TV.

It seems that the combination of first name and dot .TV made sense, as Rick’s video stream is a personal outreach to the domain industry.

Unlike DomainKing.com, which the Domain King uses for business, Rick.TV is essentially a “domain hack” that utilizes the “keyword+TLD” approach.

Would this be considered a deviation from the dot com doctrine that Rick has been adamant about for years?


New gTLDs that form meaningful pairs between the keyword and the TLD are definitely sought after and high priced. For example, Smart.Bio sold for 25,000 euro last week at Sedo, while Red.TV topped the charts at 35,000 euro!

Whether Rick Schwartz endorses new gTLDs or not, an interesting argument arises: What about the matching .com domains, RickTV.com and RicksTV.com that it would be leaking traffic to?

The former is just a broken web site showing the file structure of its content, and the latter is a Canadian guy’s favorite movie and TV show catalog!

Should Rick Schwartz spend some serious cash to acquire these two domains? Let’s have a domainer poll. 😀

Should Rick Schwartz buy RickTV.com and RicksTV.com ?

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5 Responses to “#Domainer Poll : Should Rick Schwartz buy the matching .com to the .TV ?”
  1. Anunt says:

    You should buy the dot com if it is a serious money making business.

    If it is just a fun pass time project, i recommend using .horse

    Good Luck!!!

  2. Goldman says:

    A team of techies built out Pluto.TV and sold it for over $300 Million dollars so it’s not a lesser told. Pluto.com will never be worth 1 Million dollars no matter what you build on that crap .com

  3. DomainGang says:

    Goldman – Apples and oranges. We’re talking about traffic leakage to the .com, you’re talking about selling a business relying on alternate TLDs. And why is Pluto.com “crap,” care to expand on this?

  4. Purely Space says:

    In this particular situation, I think rick.tv is fine on its own. Sure, it would be nice to get rick.com but I’m not sure if it would actually translate into the cost being recouped. The reason is I don’t think there’ll be quite as much type-in traffic as what you might think. Or at least, not quite as much type-in traffic who is trying to get Rick Schwartz, given how many other prominent Ricks are out there.

    Most people who are looking for Rick Schwartz would either do a search for “rick” (of which many come up!) or “rick domains” or “rick domain king”. It’ll be obvious from the search results which one is him; in that situation the extension won’t matter.

    Rick.tv also has the advantage of being an appropriate indicator for the content, and indeed has an actual advantage because of the way the user will perceive it. They’ll think “Hey, rick.tv means that Rick Schwartz is going to actually be talking in video”. That’s a huge plus – people are going to be “Wow, I get to learn from him” – the video format to many people is more meaningful that other formats. It’s a great domain for targeting his desired sector of users (those who like video). You don’t…

  5. DomainGang says:

    Purely Space – All great and dandy but the argument isn’t about getting Rick.com, it’s the RickTV.com we’re talking about. It’s the same argument used against gTLDs by those who don’t understand their functionality.

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