DNForum relaunches: Domain forum ditches vBulletin for XenForo

DNForum is being relaunched and the downtime will be well worth the wait, according to owner, Adam Dicker.

Ditching the good old faithful vBulletin system for a modern, lightweight forum software was a smart decision; XenForo 1.3 was released a month ago, featuring some great advantages over vBulletin.


Reviews from around the web praise XenForo’s lightweight footprint and full range of features expected to exist in forum management software.

Digital Point, sister company to Flippa, successfully transitioned from vBulletin to XenForo in January 2013. You can read the story here.

The new features of XenForo 1.3 include:

  • Smiley categories and other smiley enhancements
  • Custom BB codes
  • A built in spoiler BB code
  • Google+/Twitter registration
  • Image and link proxying
  • User change logging
  • Multi-quote
  • Various moderation improvements

XenForo 1.3 relies on modern server architecture and has the following system requirements:

  • PHP: 5.2.4+
  • MySQL: 5.0+
  • PHP extensions: MySQLi, GD (with JPEG support), PCRE, SPL, SimpleXML, DOM, JSON, iconv, ctype
  • PHP safe_mode off

The transition of thousands of user posts has been successfully completed; DNForum will be live in a couple of hours.

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