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DNForum reopens Politics section as election nears


It’s a mad, mad, mad Domaining World!

With the US presidential elections only days away, the political thermometer is rising – no, make that, shooting through the roof – at popular domain name forum, DNForum.

DNForum owner, Adam Dicker, announced that the Politics section has been re-opened after a long hiatus caused by heated exchanges between members.

Dicker is welcoming those that desire to converse about which direction to hell is more profitable, via a Democratic president or through a Republican one.

That being said, Adam Dicker added the following stern warning, regarding the style and content of the posts in the Politics section:

“This section is a place where people can express their views freely on politics and current events. Any racist, hate related, PERSONAL ATTACKS will result in immediate BANNING!

So no name calling just the expressing of different opions is allowed. I will personally be monitoring this section to make sure it stays professional. Nobody will be exempt from banning if they attack another!!!”

In the past, however, the style of political discussion in that particular segment of DNForum, was mirroring the following scenario:

Obama is stupid.

No, he’s not, Romney is a dumbass.

He’s not! Fox News says he’s smart and a leader.

LOL tell me what drugs you’re on!

What drugs? Maybe you are a liberal douche!

WTF?? You called me a douche, damn neocon!




Most importantly, such discussions occupy a lot of the top posts on a forum that prides itself of being the #1 discussion forum for domainers.

How will it all unfold?

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2 Responses to “DNForum reopens Politics section as election nears”
  1. BullS says:

    As a patriotic citizen of USA-

    I voted for gay marriage and of course the legalization of marijuana as I am the MarijuanaGuy dot com and the person of “O”.

  2. Picas says:

    wow …Bulls will be Pre candidate for 2017 and we will vote for him …can I reg a BullScampaign.com now

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