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#Domain courtesy : Major update hitting #GoDaddy auctions soon

GoDaddy – new updates.

GoDaddy is rolling out a major update to its domain auctions, a service that allows domain investors and random strangers to place bids, without knowing each other.

After its numeric handle upgrade in cooperation with the XYZ Registry, the new GoDaddy Auctions update will help increase the industry standards among competing venues.

“We took a long, serious look at what our customers want more, after witnessing their escalating frustration with recent glitches and other issues,” said Joe Bloe, Customer Satisfaction Representative at GoDaddy.

“Because we should treat our customers nicely, we upgraded module 733.B of the GoDaddy Auctions, changing the process copy to a much better one that everyone will love,” added Joe Bloe.

The new changes involve updating the prompts that GoDaddy Auctions software utilizes, to communicate with the auction bidders while they place bids.

From now on, instead of “Place your bid” it will say, “Please place your bid.” In a similar fashion, prompts to collect auction payments have been changed, adding “please” and “thank you” in every step of the process.

These changes will hopefully help improve the user experience at GoDaddy Auctions, and help restore its credibility.

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