#Domain ganja : Is #ICANN a new #cannabis dispensary?

ICANN is known for its function as a – mostly – bureaucratic organization overseeing all things related to domain names.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers helps ensure a stable, secure, and unified global Internet.

For example, in order for a new gTLD to get approved, it goes through the application process that is handled by ICANN.

Is ICANN related to cannabis though?

It seems that the “CANN” part *can* be thought of as a cannabis shorthand, and the addition of the “i” prefix, no matter how dated of an Internet term, is still common in brand names.

That’s what the founder of iCANNBerkeley.com thought, apparently; the domain name of a cannabis dispensary located in Berkeley, California.

According to their web site:

“… iCANN BerkeleyFounder Sue Taylor has devoted her career to education. Sue provides education that uplifts, informs and uses her platform to educate and empower seniors to explore holistic resources as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.ย At iCANN Berkeley we believe in overall holistic health. In addition to cannabis; clean eating, healthy body movement, and continuing education are living examples of iCANN’s mission.”

According to a press release from 2016, the Berkeley City Council unanimously named the iCANN Health Center on Sacramento Street as the cityโ€™s fourth medical cannabis dispensary.

Could it be why some ICANN processes with domain names take longer to process? ๐Ÿ˜€

iCANN Berkeley HQ – Photo from Instagram @icann_berkeley

While there is some potential for brand confusion, we want to believe that ICANN – the bureaucratic domain company – won’t seek anything from the dispensary; after all, ICANN is a registered trademark with the USPTO.

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