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Domain Internet Startup wants a piece of Frank’s action

Parking Lot Solutions is about to change the domain PPC paradigm for good.

The domain world is going abuzz these days with the expected success of Frank Schilling’s alternate parking, Internet Traffic.

While the threshold for joining the realm of Frank’s parking company has been set ridiculously high, it is not a business model that can’t be replicated.

Enter Parking Lot Solutions, a new startup from Los Angeles, California, that is attempting to change the domain parking paradigm – before Frank Schilling does!

Backed by a seed funding of $2.5 million dollars, Parking Lot Solutions aims at the critical space between “professional domainers” and “pigeon domain” holders.

“It’s simple, really”, says Duncan Toot, president and CEO of Parking Lot Solutions. “Frank Schilling’s Internet Traffic is a big boys club, no average Joe Domainer gets accepted. We make it easy to qualify, all you need is a DCI – domain crap index – of less than 5.0 and you’re in with us and you can start making money in less time than it takes Rick Schwartz to come up with yet another Frank-touting blog post”, adds Duncan.

Parking Lot Solutions will be providing dedicated ad feeds with quality templates; there’s a crucial visual weight with parked pages that effectively retains a visitor and triggers their subsequent click on the ads.

“A significant portion of our funding has gone towards creating quality imagery, better than what Sedo provides and light years ahead of those by Internet Traffic. We are the best and not a tantrum-throwing Yahoo breakaway club”, says the president and CEO of Parking Lot Solutions, Duncan Toot.

Domain applications will soon be accepted, initially via fax and a Seychelles toll number, as Parking Lot Solutions is just about to break out of stealth mode with a press release, later this week.

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One Response to “Domain Internet Startup wants a piece of Frank’s action”
  1. BullS says:

    Whopeee, finally someone saw the potential of Pinto and Yugo- see them alot on their parking lot

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