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Domain jungle : Don’t be mad because our #domains are great!

Domain investors are – mostly – human, and jealousy, envy and hatred quite often manifest via the sharing of unsavory comments on blogs and forums.

When domain names are presented for validation by peers, for example, one cannot avoid witnessing these negative sentiments seep through the commentary:

  • Yeah? What were you thinking bro?
  • This domain, I don’t like. It’s shit.
  • I hope you get your reg fee back.
  • Still holding it since 2005? LOSER.
  • I’ll take it off your hands for $1.
  • Dude. I love it. Just kidding!

What triggers this type of predictably negative behavior among peers?

The essence of the matter, is that peer to peer behavior in an uncontrolled environment, such as an open discussion forum, is like a jungle filled with a variety of monkeys.

Gorillas and chimps, orangutans and smaller apes, go into a rage of chest-thumping over who gets the greener, fresher leaves. The flinging of feces soon ensues, until everyone smells exactly the same: like shit.

In a controlled environment, such as a professional domain conference, such behavior is non-existent. Everyone is treating everyone present as equals, well-aware that the platform is neutral territory.

Sure, there are private discussions and some “grave-digging” behind closed doors, but nothing like going ape-shit.

If you want to avoid that type of domain jungle behavior, and benefit from real, meaningful discussions with other domain investors, attend NamesCon 2018 in Las Vegas – a great meeting point to engage in solid exchanges with domainers, and other industry professionals.

Gorilla costume is not required, nor welcome.

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