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Domain liquidation : Fabulous Australia was sold – twice – this year!

Today’s announcement by Directnic that they have acquired Fabulous.com from Deep Blue Sea Pty, an Australian company, is exciting news.

By leveraging an established brand in the domain industry, Directnic should be able to manage a strong and aged domain portfolio, with better monetization options through its associate company, AdsSquared.

In other words, the acquisition of Fabulous.com leverages an existing brand, a large domain portfolio, and switches parking to a native PPC system.

All this, is great news, and a clear strategic move by Directnic. We foresee that the brand will remain 100% US based, for that matter.

There is an interesting side to the story, the separate sale of Fabulous.com.au, an Australian subsidiary of Fabulous and Deep Blue Sea Pty.

That part of the business was sold not once, but twice this year!

First, in February 2017, when Australian investor Ned O’Meara, who operates Domainer.com.au, bought three auDA accredited registrars: Drop.com.au, Fabulous.com.au and Yexa.com.au. 

O’Meara, who is a self-described “semi-retired blogger interested in all things to do with domain names,” sold the Australian registrars to a buyer in the domain business, at the end of March.

That buyer appears to be Trellian, a company with deep roots in direct navigation and domain monetization. They are based in Melbourne, Australia with offices in India, France and Los Angeles, California. The Trellian brands include Above.com and the DomainState forum.

Currently, the Fabulous.com.au logo is the same as the Fabulous.com logo; something that we expect both companies to change, to avoid any possible brand confusion in the future, due to the distinct Aussie logo of “Fabulous.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Mike Robertson, Director of Business Development for Directnic.

Note: Directnic is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.com. We share news, information and the occasional parody post about their products and services. This, however, is not a paid post.

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  1. Dn Ebook says:

    Ned is a good bloke, I have had a few beers with him in the past, his passion for domains is obvious, cheers!

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