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Domain Mardi Gras : Directnic celebrates 15 years as a domain registrar


Today is Mardi Gras, baby! 😀

So get your masks, fancy outfit and beads out, because Louisiana-based Directnic celebrates its 15 year anniversary as a domain registrar, Mardi Gras style.

That’s a lifetime in Internet years, and the domain registrar is sharing the love, so they sent us a nice bag of goodies, check out the pictures.

Unfortunately, some of the letter candles arrived broken 🙁 But that’s ok, because the King’s Cake that came in that box is a-ma-zing!

We’re actually typing this with sticky fingers, and will be in need of a new keyboard, or more cake.

What can we say?

A big thank you, Leslie Almeida and Mike Robertson! Frank Schilling’s Rum Cakes have a HUGE competition! 😉




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One Response to “Domain Mardi Gras : Directnic celebrates 15 years as a domain registrar”
  1. Oh, man! I’m torn here; I’m LOVING these pics, but sad there were candle casualties. You’re rocking those accessories, though! Thanks for joining in on our birthday fun.

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