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Domain Megadome is being built to host Mike Mann’s domains!

A concrete “Megadome” is being constructed in Central Florida, to host the domain names of uber-domainer, Mike Mann.

The news of Mike’s recent feat of registering thousands of domains in a single day, was first broken here on DomainGang.

Now, we bring you images from the sizable dome that will host them.

The Mike Mann Megadome in Central Florida will host thousands of domains.

“It’s crazy, an absolute madness”, said Frank Schilling, after learning about the Mann Megadome. “I don’t have any more space left at InternetTraffic.com – Mike’s far too big for this, just like Alexander the Great was to Macedonia; he had to go out and conquer Persia.”

Construction is underway for the Mike Mann Megadome.

Indeed, Mike Mann’s latest domain acquisitions need a dedicated mega-mausoleum to fit the man. Construction started in February and will finish around July, according to the construction experts who have undertaken the task of physically hosting Mike Mann’s domains.

Meanwhile, an obscure Austrian domainer announced yesterday that he will attempt to break Mike Mann’s domain registration record! Mike’s own response to the Austrian record challenger was worthy of a Spartan king:

” I wouldn’t bet against Mann. Nor would I suggest trying this at home.”

We will keep our eyes peeled for the outcome of this mano-a-Manno fight. 😀

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2 Responses to “Domain Megadome is being built to host Mike Mann’s domains!”
  1. BullS says:

    Mike the Man

    Everything is humongous for Mike

    Mega cup
    Mega doom
    Mega tits
    Mega Boobs
    mega $$$

    Mega everything

  2. jayjay says:

    I could take a closet or two in that monolith for my portfolio; but it’ll need air conditioning cause I’ve got a pretty hot portfolio of adult domains… lol 😉

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