Domain Name Jargon : Spambroker

Domain spambrokers buy and sell junk.

Domain spambrokers buy and sell junk.

Amazingly, we are heading towards the end of 2014 and the 20th edition of the educational Domain Name Jargon seriesthe highly acclaimed lexicon of domain terms and other trivia.

Our goal is to utilize Domain Name Jargon and help domain investors get a better grasp of the domain industry terminology, as we strive to help  (re)define domaining – all without the need for lengthy or boring explanations.

Have fun.

Spambroker : A less refined sub-species of the domain broker genus, that resorts to the fine art of spamming, in order to attract domain inventory, and to sell said inventory to the general public.

Spambrokers mass email owners of domain portfolios, with full disregard to the fact that they are domain sellers themselves; the end result is a public flagellation of the spambroker by other domainers, once their identity is revealed.

Domain spambrokers often use fake female personas to promote their wares, relying on gmail and yahoo email addresses, to achieve anonymity.

Example: “Hey Buddy, I have that I believe you could use for your business. I represent a seller who is motivated to sell, so hit me up on Instagram or twitter with your offer, we’ll close fast for $299. Later bro!”

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