Domain Name Wire to rebrand into ‘WIPO News’

Popular domain news portal Domain Name Wire is about to undergo a swift rebranding, consistent with the type of news it presents daily.

Andrew Allemann, editor of DNW announced the big news during yesterday’s after-hours party at Domainfest, a huge event that gathered more than 700 fist-pumping domainers.

In-between several rounds of beer, Andrew struggled to be heard over the loud music played at the party:

“Why not, daily I make at least 5 posts that are surefire analysis of WIPO decisions… So we’re going to change DNW into WIPO News and we won’t need to change the focus or content…How brilliant is that??? I’m telling you… We’ll get a huge increase in SERPs by matching content with our new URL!”

Indeed a brilliant move by Andrew, who apparently peruses the WIPO UDRP listings for several hours daily, thus bringing the news to domainers with one click less.

We can’t wait! 😀

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