#Domain pandemic : #WuhanVirus .com is now listed for sale on #GoDaddy auctions

The deadly Wuhan virus is being treated with extreme seriousness in China, where it originated.

China’s latest coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan, China, a busy airport hub for international destinations.

It comes as no surprise that health centers around the globe are preparing for some unsavory conditions in the containment of the Wuhan coronavirus.

It’s also not a surprise that the domain name WuhanVirus.com is now listed for sale on GoDaddy auctions, alongside other “Wuhan virus” domains.

The domain’s registrant calls it “the #1 searched domain in the world right now” – which makes very little sense, as such newsworthy keywords generate results from the global, high traffic newsfeeds: Google, social media, and official news sources.

Would the matching domain to the “Wuhan virus” produce increased interest in the GoDaddy auctions? At which offer point would its registrant sell it? Will there be backlash in the meantime from this act of monetization?

These are questions that anyone registering a domain related to mass disasters or epidemics needs to answer in advance.

WuhanVirus.com is listed for sale on GoDaddy

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