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Domain parking : Sedo updates its terms and conditions

sedo-villageSedo sent out an email updating its terms and conditions, as they apply to domain parking services.

The PPC provider has outlined the changes per below:

  • Generation of Click Balance and Payment
  • Right to Terminate Service and Effect of Termination
  • Advertising Keywords

Regarding the Click Balance terms, the terms are partially as follows:

DOMAINS THAT ARE NOT ADDED TO A SEDO USER ACCOUNT DO NOT ACCUMULATE A CLICK BALANCE.  The total Click Balance generated shall be paid out to the User, so long as there are no indications of “fake” or manipulated traffic, as defined below, or active legal disputes in relation to User’s use of the Domain Parking Services, at an interval and in the manner as described in the Rules for Domain Parkers.

The Right to Terminate Service has the following note:

Sedo reserves the right to terminate or discontinue provisions of the Domain Parking Service at any time, without reason and without prior notice to the User. Upon termination, you will no longer have access to any data or information you had previously created, maintained, managed, or stored in Sedo’s systems. Sedo is under no obligation to maintain any such data or information unless required by law.

Regarding Advertising Keywords, the changes are as follows:

Users who use the Domain Parking Service may select an advertising keyword for each of their parked Domains that is related to the subject matter of the Domain and which may control which advertisements appear for the respective Domain. All keyword selections must comply with Keyword Selection Policy, which is hereby incorporated by reference and subject to revision from time to time. User agrees not to select advertising keywords likely to cause the display of content infringing the rights of any third party. Sedo and its advertising providers reserve the right to disable or alter advertising keywords at any time, without notice, and at their sole discretion to ensure relevancy for advertisers, non-infringement of any third-party right, or violation of Sedo’s Offensive Domain Policy.

You acknowledge that the content on parked Domains is generated automatically. Sedo makes no warranties as to the appropriateness, validity and non-infringement of such content. Sedo makes no warranties that such content when displayed on your Domain will not violate any applicable laws. You have the ability to discontinue the Domain Parking Service for any Domain and as such may choose to do so at your sole discretion. The entire risk arising out of the use of the Domain Parking Service remains with You, and You will indemnify Sedo from any claims arising in relation to your use of the Domain Parking Service.

For the full terms and conditions at Sedo, as they apply to domain parking, click here.

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