#Domain privacy : Twitter data sharing opt-out option removed for US customers

Don’t believe corporations that promise data privacy; they can revoke this expected condition at any time.

Twitter is the latest offender from a growing list of social media companies. In a recent change to terms and conditions, Twitter removed the ability for its US-based customers to turn off data sharing with third party advertisers, such as Facebook and Google.

The reason Europe was spared is obvious: strict implementation of the GDPR, a privacy safeguarding law that was implemented almost two years ago. While the GDPR decimated the usefulness of domain WHOIS, it does protect European Union consumers’ privacy.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is reporting on this privacy switch by Twitter, and tells US consumers what needs to be done:

“This is why it shouldn’t be up to tech companies to give us privacy. We need strong data privacy laws that protect users’ rights to privacy, access, and control. And we need to change a system that tempts companies to sell out their users for a few points of growth.”

Read the full coverage here.

GDPR data – Photo by Jose A.Thompson on Unsplash

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