#Domain rebranding: The old versus the new Fabulous.com #logo

Fabulous.com was acquired by Directnic, a DomainGang sponsor, and the company is rolling out the domain registrar as an independent brand. Mike Robertson’s interview covered the most important points of the acquisition.

The upcoming release of a redesigned web site features a new logo, based on the classic brand that Fabulous.com carried for many years.

What are the primary differences between the old and the new logo of Fabulous.com?

Let’s take a look.

The old logo of Fabulous.com used a condensed font, thus appearing tighter. That font type, however, is dated and overused; the new logo uses a modern font that is bold and with a more prominent slant. The text has been changed from white with black stroke, to flat black.

The downside is that for the same height, the text appears 30% wider, but it should be easier to scale down to much smaller sizes and a variety of media, such as print, embroidery and banners. We’ve already seen it being used at NamesCon 2018.

Another change is the color and shape of the stars. We’re suspecting that the original design was based off the Australian flag, and now that the company has moved to US soil, the use of the same stars makes more sense.

The stars have been modified slightly, from regular five point stars with straight edges and a cyan to white gradient, to a flat, cyan color with curved sides.

Overall, we love the new look. It carries over the traditional identity of Fabulous.com and provides a clean, fresh, modern look going forward.

Looking forward to the launch of the new, updated web site, making domains Fabulous again! 😀

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