#Domain sightings: The PRO Air .com

Driving around with or without a purpose and came across a domain name “in the wild?”

Send them to us.

We publish domain sightings – random encounters with domain names as they appear in the physical realm: On business signs, car wraps, products and more. We classify them into .com domains in the wild, and into everything else.

This time we have a goodie, TheProAir.com. You might want to squint in the picture and do a double take, as the car’s wrap clearly says “PRO AIR.”


Since they have that extra “the” it’s interesting to note that it’s about the A/C services company in San Mateo, California:

“When you need heating and air conditioning service in San Mateo, you can count on Pro Air. We’re a locally owned and operated company that’s interested in forming long-term relationships with customers in the Bay Area.”

It seems that ProAir.com belongs to a company that manufactures inhalers. Confusing the two might create some more or less comedic circumstances. 😀

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