Domain sightings: Two construction #domains in the same photo!

Domain sightings are random encounters with domain names “in the wild.”

When we come across a domain name in the physical realm, such as on signs, vehicles, or products, we document the domains involved. For ease of classification, we keep .com domain sightings separate from other types of TLDs, ccTLDs, and gTLDs.

This time around we came across two .com domains related to construction projects in the same photo!

The first one is, that serves as a URL forward to the Brockman Construction Group. According to their web site, they strive to find solutions where others can’t.

The second domain sighting involves the domain name Registered in 2005, the extra “1” distinguishes from another company that claimed the Accutech brand ten years prior, in 1995. According to their web site:

“First and foremost, AccuTech believes that Safety Is No Accident and AccuTech insists on providing safe practices and a drug free workplace. “

If you have any such instances of domains in the wild send them to us and we’ll share them with attribution.

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One Response to “Domain sightings: Two construction #domains in the same photo!”
  1. Data Glasses says:

    Looks like they’re “building up” their businesses”

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