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Domain Sunday : The Domain King® acquires FakeMedia.com

The Domain King®, Rick Schwartz.

“Fake news” and “fake media” are controversial subjects in today’s global politics, and the Domain King®, Rick Schwartz, has acquired one such major related domain.

In what appears to be a rather quick flip by HugeDomains, FakeMedia.com was just recently sold to Rick’s domain-managing company.

FakeMedia.com was registered in 2003 originally, but its British owner allowed it to drop in late 2016 and HugeDomains added it to its massive domain portfolio.

The timing is indeed strange, as Donald Trump’s election campaign thrived on the proliferation of “fake news,” from a variety of dubious outlets, some of which were fabricated by money-seeking teenagers from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM.)

For a domain registered in late September 2016, this domain flip by HugeDomains is rather quick; the company is known to hold domain names for many years, before selling or deciding to drop them.

There is no indication about the selling price of FakeMedia.com, but we’d speculate it went for low to mid four figures USD.

Some other recent registrations of political domains by Rick Schwartz, include the following:


These seem to be references made by the US President, Donald Trump.

As we noted before, it seems that Rick Schwartz is on a political domain registration roll!

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3 Responses to “Domain Sunday : The Domain King® acquires FakeMedia.com”
  1. I registered FakeBroadcasting and FakeBroadcast in dot com

  2. Fake Media doesn’t come close to Fake News.
    Simply, the phrase is not being used at all.

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