Domain Survivor : May the strongest gTLD win

ICANN announced the launch of “Domain Survivor” yesterday, a game of fitness, intelligence and good looks.

Aimed at gTLD registries and their CEOs or founders, Domain Survivor will be the ultimate challenge in the battle of gTLDs.

With just over 6 million .XYZ domains, .XYZ Registry founder, Daniel Negari, appears to be the popular contender for the trophy.

“At XYZ we strive to win, it’s a motto that guides us on a daily basis, along with riding skateboards and blowing the shofar,” said the CEO, Daniel Negari.

“I’m well prepared to win Domain Survivor at all cost, even if I have to kick some CEO’s ass!” exclaimed Negari, smiling.

Meanwhile, dot .CLUB co-founder, Colin Campbell, did not mince his words:

“Domain Survivor is about intelligence, not just raw numbers, and Mr. Negari knows that well. At dot .CLUB we cater to smart investors and consumers, not just fembots from China that gamble on random domain strings!”

Joining in, Frank Schilling of Uniregistry advised everyone to stay calm:

“Guys, chill out! There’s plenty of room for everyone to grow! Of course, I’m the best looking CEO so y’all have to suck it and realize I’m the next Domain Survivor winner!”

Domain Survivor will be broadcast around the world in 12 one hour long episodes, starting June 31st.

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