Domainer Coffins : Customize your final home with your favorite TLD

If you support dot .XYZ, this is for you.

If you support dot .XYZ, this is for you.

Who says you can’t take it with you?

When it comes down to that final destination, most of us definitely wish it never happened, but like taxes, death is unavoidable.

A new service, Domainer Coffins, wants to make light of this otherwise serious situation, and it does so with gusto.

Formed in 2013 by Alfonso Diegito Escobar, the Miami company takes orders from domainers who want to customize their final home, displaying their support of their favorite TLD or gTLD – for all eternity.

“Most of the orders we get are for dot com guys, some dot org and dot net, but with gTLDs we had to extend the library of course,” says Escobar, pointing to a collection of coffins with decorated tops.

“All of our coffins come with laser engraved tops, you can add “dot .photography” or “dot .guru” and for $400 more we will engrave it on your tombstone, no problem” adds Escobar.

Domainer Coffins is currently backlogged with orders, but Alfonso Diegito Escobar promises to hire more Cuban manufacturers soon.

“We offer a money back guarantee, if the domain Registry of your choice goes under, you will get a 50% refund” adds Escobar.

For more information about Domainer Coffins, click here.

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