#Domainer grabs major cultural #Japanese keyword, via the auction of #Kimono .ORG

An apparent domain investor grabbed the domain Kimono.org, a major cultural Japanese keyword.

The auction at DropCatch ended at $1,605 dollars, and the sale rides on the coattails of Kim Kardashian’s recent attempt to deliver a shapewear brand, catering to women with large posteriors.

While Kimono.com ended up in the ranks of other failed brands, the domain Kimono.org retains the purity of a TLD that’s designed to cater to organizations and foundations.

Backlash from the Japanese led Kim Kardashian to ditch the plans for kimono “underwear,” as the kimono is a traditional national female garment in Japan.

Kimono.org has now been listed on the Efty marketplace, with a standard contact form. Whoever decides to buy it, better stick to the same rule set regarding Japanese culture: don’t offend Japan with extreme commercialization of their prideful heritage.

Kimono.org – Women in Japan would love it – Photo by Sofia Monteiro on Unsplash

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One Response to “#Domainer grabs major cultural #Japanese keyword, via the auction of #Kimono .ORG”
  1. domainggg says:

    Agree with your post, better name for Japanese market, I thought it’s gonna hit at least mid $x,xxx on DropCatch but a decent buy on this price. Low bidding due to 4th of July? maybe, but nice to see it remains within our domainer community, great potential of development. May go to mid $xx,xxx to low $xxx,xxx to the right buyer or current owner can forward it to this post ~_^ or Kim may start a charity on it, who knows. Don’t steal my idea “Kim” 😉

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