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Domainer Mike Nylon wins Chef of the Year award

Domainer and Chef pro, Mike Nylon.

Domainer and Chef pro, Mike Nylon.

Domain developer and investor advocate, Mike Nylon, was presented with a lifetime achievement award, at the 4th Bi-annual Domainers with Hobbies Awards.

The ceremony took place in beautiful Dublin, Ireland where 150 industry club members attended the day-long conference, discussing gTLDs and the status of AM radios.

Mike Nylon, famous for his Black Brussel Sprouts podcast, gained notoriety for introducing Italian, Greek and Spanish cuisine to the Irish.

The much coveted “Domainer Chef of the Year” award was a first for the Irish technocrat, who is also active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and most other social media.

“I am delighted to receive this award, it will motivate me to post more images of food from my late evening cooking sessions,” said Mike Nylon.

“Many domainers have acquired a taste for tomato and basil, presented with arugula and balsamic vinegar to form the basis for an epicurean smorgasbord dish,” added Nylon, smiling and carefully wiping a tear or two.

In the past, the award has been won by Chef Patrick for his eggs a la crocodile, Frank Schilling for his vanilla rum cakes and David Castello for his crunchy salad dressing, el Castello rosso.

Congratulations, Mike Nylon! 😀

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