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#Epik #domain awards : Lifetime achievement for Rick Schwartz

Many moons ago, the Domain King, Rick Schwartz, was presented with the 1st Epik Pioneer Award during the Epik Developers Converence. The event took place in Seattle, in September 2010. Amazing that almost a decade passed by! Rick was recognized for his acumen as a domain investor, and visionary, by many of his peers from […]

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Domain Incite receives prestigious Queen’s Award

Domain Incite, the British domain publication that covers the industry’s technocratic pulse, has received a prestigious Royal award, we have learned. Long lauded for his exquisite coverage of domain related news, including the close following of ICANN meetings around the globe, Domain Incite’s founder and editor, Kevin Murphy, was presented with the Queen’s Literary Achievement […]

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Domainer Mike Nylon wins Chef of the Year award

Domain developer and investor advocate, Mike Nylon, was presented with a lifetime achievement award, at the 4th Bi-annual Domainers with Hobbies Awards. The ceremony took place in beautiful Dublin, Ireland where 150 industry club members attended the day-long conference, discussing gTLDs and the status of AM radios. Mike Nylon, famous for his Black Brussel Sprouts […]

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