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Domainer minds : Mike Mann to leave brain to science


Mike Mann’s mind.

Legendary domain investor, Mike Mann, has achieved millions of dollars in sales, often sleeping as few as 2 hours per night.

Registering a few thousand domains in the course of 24 hours is simply one of the many achievements of Mike, who loves drinking green tea – the cheaper, the better.

His tidbits of wisdom, known as MannQuotes, educate thousands of domainers around the globe. The collection sells for $125 on Amazon.com as a hardbound, signed book.

Looking ahead, Mike Mann wants to share the secret of his success, with science.

“I plan to donate parts of my body, when that time comes,” said Mike Mann.

“I’m sure it won’t happen for another 50 years or so, based on my gene analysis and my intake of green tea. But when it happens, I want my body to be used to advance science by a few light years!” exclaimed Mann.

Although he has never taken the MENSA IQ test, Mike Mann most likely falls in the super-genius category, based on the ROI he achieves with domains alone.

If we were to speculate, Mike’s IQ is at least 175, perhaps higher than Frank Schilling’s, who is considered a domain investor genius.

Mike is confident that if his brain were to be examined, the findings would be spectacular.

“It’s going to be a great honor to whoever gets to probe my brain, years from now, discovering how the Mike Mann synapses engage so much faster than those of other humans,” said Mike Mann.

Need more proof of Mike Mann’s genius?

He just sold DigitalLabor.com for $9,888 – a domain he acquired less than 4 years ago for a mere $200.

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