Domainers : 8 Good reasons NOT to attend NamesCon 2016

NamesCon 2016 is one week away, and as much as we’re heading to Las Vegas for the biggest domain conference of the year, it’s just not for everyone.

For the 3rd year in a row, NamesCon is expected to break attendance records, and that’s a great thing. Richard Lau and his hard-working associates are preparing an experience unlike anything else.

Domain investors and other industry professionals eager to forge new alliances and strengthen existing ones are going to be there, between January 10th and 13th.


That being said, here are 8 good reasons NOT to attend NamesCon 2016:

  1. You’re agoraphobic. For those of you with a limited vocabulary, that means fear of open, crowded spaces. More than 1,000 people are attending NamesCon, not including the sponsor and advertising crews. It will be jam packed. Does this scare you? Then stay in the comfort of your bed.
  2. You’re a germophobe. Yet another Greek word for us to disseminate: Fear of germs. That’s right, people carry germs in their hands and on occasion sneeze and cough. It means they are alive. If you don’t like that, stay away in the comfort of your house, doors and windows closed, holding a bottle of peroxide tight.
  3. You don’t like people and are antisocial or a wallflower. This is not an event to watch from afar, so be prepared to interact with people from the domain industry, and beyond. Domainers aren’t avatars from behind keyboards, they are real people that love to talk and listen. Save your time and money if you don’t want to make the effort to mingle.
  4. Your wife, husband or significant other is insanely jealous. Let’s face it, this is Vegas baby. There’s a significant amount of electricity in the air, and people try their best to impress. There’s going to be fun, flirting and potentially more, so if you live your life on a short leash, then stay at home and watch TV.
  5. You’re scruffy, with body odor and don’t like to take showers. OMG, this is the worst thing to suffer from when socializing among your peers, who will comment on it for years to come: “Do you remember Johnny Beano at the 1st NamesCon? He was a walking fart!” Use soap and water, and a good deodorant and cologne or perfume. Or stay the hell away!
  6. You expect all activity to end at 9pm every night. You’re in Vegas, hello?! If you get sleepy, get an extra grande, or a Red Bull sans the vodka. Or take a nap during the day. Still want to go to bed with the chickens? Then maybe don’t attend NamesCon at all.
  7. You’re stingy and a penny pincher in everything that you do. OK, we all have budgets but this is not the time and place to be frugal. If you don’t intend to share the fun, buy your friends dinner or coffee, and instead will go dutch for dinner with the most gorgeous Asian lady you met at the Chinese market class, then perhaps stay at home and eat McDonalds.
  8. You don’t like domain companies and have a negative attitude. While this is the place to make connections and share your thoughts, it’s not the place to bash or talk down others. We all have our preferences but surely a gathering of professionals will only benefit from a positive attitude and exchanges. Love Grumpy Cat? Then stay the hell away from NamesCon!

If, however, none of these 8 reasons applies, we’d love to meet you at NamesCon 2016! 😀

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