#Domainers : No #Florida meetup in 2020, says Rick Schwartz

Rick Schwartz is not considering a Florida meetup, after his successful Asheville meetup completed earlier this month.

Rejuvenated by the Blue Ridge mountain air, the Domain King doesn’t seem to miss the muggy, hot and humid weather of Southern Florida.

Rick’s all gung-ho about a second event in Asheville, North Carolina however, and he’s currently taking votes on the domainer event’s dates, via Twitter:

I have decided not to have a Florida meetup. I am considering 2nd annual Asheville meetup. The dates that are available are below. August dates would be my choice. Weather better. up against schools starting. July hotter, vacation time.

Will it be in July, or August 2020? So far, the latter is winning by 2 to 1 in terms of votes.

After a decade of successful TRAFFIC shows in Florida, California and Las Vegas, it’s time for Asheville to be the new capital of the Domain King! 🙂

Blue Ridge mountains – the new Domainerville. Photo by Justin Novello on Unsplash

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  1. Data Glasses says:

    Too many sinkholes ?

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