#Dildonic .com King : Rick Schwartz taps the #adult toy market with #HugeDomains domain

Rick Schwartz‘s portfolio of adult domain names is getting a healthy growth, with the acquisition of several “dildonic” domain names.

What in the world is dildonic, you may ask.

A dildo is any object or device shaped like a phallus (penis) aiming to please. In the ancient times, dildos were made out of leather, wood or even stone. In modern times, the term “teledildonics” often leads domain investors to registering such domains, referencing the remote controlling of phallic devices or other dildos.

So back to Rick Schwartz’s new dildonic domains.

We noticed that the Domain King hand registered the following domains recently, all with a dildonic reference:


There was another non-dildonic domain, cyberforce2020.com.

On July 9th, the Domain King grabbed the king of all dildonic domains, dildonic.com. The acquisition was made via HugeDomains, and while there is no record of the sale’s cost, we anticipate it to have been in the $2k – $3k range.

Would Rick use these domains to tackle a recent dildo who sent him a C&D for PornFlix.com?

Anything is possible! 😀

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4 Responses to “#Dildonic .com King : Rick Schwartz taps the #adult toy market with #HugeDomains domain”
  1. Fat Anon says:

    Looks like a good name for the .dildo TLD registry.

  2. Here are some details of teledildonicsuits which I bought the matching .com as well.


  3. DomainGang says:

    Rick – This looks fascinating, thanks for sharing 😀

  4. Krista Gable says:

    Rick is a Genius. Last week I typed in InteractivePorn .com and I wasn’t surprised to see that the Domain King owns it. I have mad respect for Rick. 🙂

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