Domainfest 2014: Proudly sponsored by DomainGang

Securing a premium spot as a Domainfest sponsor wasn’t easy; the domain conference that opens its gates today is reportedly sold out.

We had to pull some strings and work with our connections, and the end result will surely please many a faithful reader of our publication.


“It is with absolute joy that we are having DomainGang as a premium Domainfest sponsor,” said Dwayne Walker of Domain Sponsor.

“Clearly, a great opportunity for mutual promotion and the only way to get some laughs and giggles during an otherwise very serious domain conference,” added Walker, smiling.

DomainGang is an active promoter of serious domain conferences; in 2010, we funded the Chef Patrick Tour to Domainfest during which Patrick Ruddell wore the most expensive t-shirt at a conference, ever.


At Domainfest 2014, we are looking forward to connecting with our faithful audience in a virtual reality manner, and interacting with everyone over Twitter, Facebook and – for sassy, female domainers only – through the occasional Snapchat sexting.

Enjoy Domainfest! 😀

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