Domainfest: Stone Temple Pilots voted to the Domainer Rock of Ages Hall of Fame

Those who attended Domainfest had a surreal experience, sharing the stage with 90’s super group, Stone Temple Pilots.

At the end of the show, dozens of domainers had their pictures taken with the members of the group, who looked surprisingly healthy after 20-plus years of indulging the rocker lifestyle; quite often, that involves sex, more sex, drugs and alcohol.

The surprise came yesterday, with Domainfest officials announcing that the Stone Temple Pilots will be entered into the Domainer Rock of Ages Hall of Fame. To qualify, one must own a domain name and be a rock star.

“We party hard, and we do business equally hard, there’s no excuse not to,” said Dwayne Walker, senior Vice President of advertising and domain services for DomainSponsor.

“Some folks are trying to say that domainers should not have fun when attending a domain conference, and we say, it’s only rock ‘n roll and I like it!” exclaimed Walker, rocking his air guitar.

The Domainer Rock Hall of Fame includes formerly long-haired domainers, such as Frank Schilling and Ammar Kubba but generally excludes mullets. The most popular members are the Castello Brothers, formerly of Michael Seven; Sam Aidun was added in September of last year.

“If you lived and breathed the rock scene of the big hair 80’s, we got you covered. Thanks everyone who partied and enjoyed their time at Domainfest, that’s where business is done and parties rock the ass of the domain industry!” exclaimed Dwayne Walker, headbanging his imaginary long hair.

Next year, Domainfest aims for a Guns ‘n Roses special reunion conference – not to be missed.

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