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DomainGist : Domain news aggregator launch aimed at convenience

Namegist.com - A new domain news aggregator.

Namegist.com – A new domain news aggregator.

We can never have too many domain news aggregators, and while Domaining.com is the McDaddy of them all, there are some other options.

DomainGist.com is a fresh such domain news aggregator, soft-launched by a member of NamePros.

Its owner aims at presenting a convenient centralized location, for headlines of most RSS feeds of domainer blogs and other publications related to the domain industry.

“DomainGist is a simple AllTop inspired RSS feed aggregator which serves to collate the headlines from a wide variety of respected domain name industry news sources, enabling domainers to take a brief look at the daily news from all of their favorite sites and bloggers. The feeds update once every 30 minutes.”

We wish its owner best of luck with his new venture.

Meanwhile, Domainsville is currently offline; its owner, Abdu Tarabichi hinted of the project’s sale a while back, but to this date there hasn’t been a change in ownership, as far as we can tell.

There are also DNPostNews.com and NameBee.

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3 Responses to “DomainGist : Domain news aggregator launch aimed at convenience”
  1. DomainBites says:

    We feel left out – you missed out DomainBites.com

    We are the only aggregator with an iOS app !

  2. DomainGang says:

    DomainBites – Looks great! How about an Android app? 😀

  3. DomainGist says:

    Thanks for the shout out, much appreciated.

    I just built the tool that I wanted to use, and if a few more people find it useful then that’s a bonus.

    Will hopefully improve as people inform me of additional feeds (and perhaps fresh news sources emerge).

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